About The Town of Books

The Graiguenamanagh Town of Books Festival, now in its 20th year, was ‘born’ in 2003. From its origins as a small weekend event promoted on an experimental basis for one year, it has now grown into a fully-fledged festival that features art, music, food and crafts, and a whole host of fringe activities.

Of course, at its core the Graiguenamanagh ‘Town of Books’ retains its original vision, to transform Graiguenamanagh, for one weekend only, into a book lovers’ paradise where booksellers are matched up with a number of empty spaces in the town, not to mention facilitated by our local businesses and organisations who have been supportive of the festival since its inception.
The result is an eclectic collection of books on offer: new and old, bargain and collectible, children’s and specialist, all housed in a variety of units spread around Graiguenamanagh. This achieves several of the objectives originally formulated in 2003. It breathes life back into some of the vacant shops in the town centre, while giving visitors and locals alike the opportunity to browse and enjoy a treasure trove of reading.